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GFT - German Flavour Technology GmbH
- Germany -


Six Offices Worldwide

We organize our operations from our Headquarter located in Hamburg, Germany. With offices located in Tokyo, Seoul, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and New York we can offer our customers an individual support - globally!

An Endless Portfolio

By creating tailor made products together with our customers we can offer an endless product portfolio that grows daily. You want to create a unique, recognizable product?
Just start with us.


Global Partner Network

To provide our customers the best expertise we are able to revert to the knowledge of our global network of 20+ profesional partners that share similar values than we at GFT do.

We are the international sales and distribution network of a German group of companies with more than 50 years expertise in the production of botanical extracts and natural and nature identical flavours for the food, dairy, beverage, tobacco, and vaping industries.

We specialize in unique and exclusive natural products with consistent product quality.

We provide our customers with the very best service, starting from the creation of tailor-made products, application tests in our customer's final products, prompt delivery of orders through to assistance of import clearance in the country of destination - GFT and our local partners are always at your side.



Our Offices

Hong Kong
New York


E-Mail:   Fax: +49 (0) 4104 96 28 948      
Tel: +49 (0) 4104 96 28 948                     


Große Straße 7
21521 Aumühle